"Francisco has a vision I admire: turn entrepreneurship into a sport that kids can play." This is a very beautiful and impactful vision.

My summary of the process your students go through:

1. build teams

2. learn about social entrepreneurship (INE problems)

3. find a problem in this category (school / community level)

4. design MVP (project)- a solution that can be tested in the time frame you have

5. execute

Do you have repeat students?

I wonder if repeat students of your program become better at playing the entrepreneurship sport. It seems like the first time would be useful to realize you could make an impact. And if you repeat the process, you can find problems and try to solve them with more confidence.

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That's such a great observation! Yes, we do! In fact, this year, the mentors are all students that went to GE and wanted to have the experience of being on the other side.

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